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SEN Strategic Partner of the Year

The Strategic Partner of the Year Award is a prestigious accolade, recognising a SEN business partner of high caliber.

The award is presented to a Contracted or Endorsed Supplier of SEN who not only displays the most overall effective engagement with SEN, its members and student populations at a National Level, but also commits to leading-edge, ethical, social, environmental and fair financial outcomes in their business operations.

The Award includes the criteria of excellence in service and delivery, support in the areas of student engagement, promotions and marketing, communications, and an overall understanding of the unique needs of the Tertiary sector.

The challenges of the past few years have significantly impacted all elements of campus life. For most member organisations the struggle has been real in how to best support staff and students and navigate the ever-changing landscape. Therefore, SEN Strategic Partners have also had to adapt to these changing needs.

Successful applications will have demonstrated adaptability, flexibility, and innovation in support of these changes for SEN members and their students.

Note: The award recipient will be chosen by a specific committee of SEN members experienced in all areas of the criteria.

Note: This award is deeply considered and not necessarily awarded annually.

Submissions need to demonstrate success in:

  • Consistent service and delivery
  • Innovative engagement of SEN members beyond traditional commercial supply chain relationships
  • SEN Member support with promotions, marketing, and communications
  • Student engagement via support of student programs and activities
  • Strong leadership that inspires industry colleagues, customers, and student communities
  • Evidence of positive commitments to improved environmental, ethical, social, and financial impacts of the day-to-day operations of business activities. Examples of this may include:
  • Supply chain improvements
  • Improved resource use
  • Carbon production reductions including improved Transportation and Delivery processes
  • Waste management initiatives
  • WH&S programs
  • Sustainability reporting
  • Improved packaging initiatives
  • Environmental Policy Implementations
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Award Submission Criteria

  • Name of organisation
  • Organisation logo
  • Name and contact details of the person completing the nomination
  • Name and contact of endorser (CEO or equivalent)
  • List of SEN Members that you engage with

Please tell us why you believe the Organisation deserves to receive this award by addressing a minimum of three of the criteria below in relation to supporting and engaging with SEN and its Members:

  • Consistent service & delivery
  • Innovative engagement
  • Promotions, marketing, and communications support
  • Student engagement
  • Industry leadership
  • Social, environmental, and financial business commitments – examples of this may include: supply chain improvements / improved resource use/carbon production reductions including improved transportation and delivery processes/waste management initiatives/ WH&S programs/sustainability reporting / improved packaging initiatives / environmental policy implementations / research & development / program or event grants or funding support

This section may be used to support your submission by providing evidence of your claims, it is not a substitute or an additional opportunity for answering the criteria in your submission.

Relevant examples will include documentation that adds value and validation to your submission which could include:

    • Evidence of consistency in service & delivery
    • Examples of innovative engagement
    • Evidence of promotions, marketing, and communications support
    • Evidence of student engagement
    • Examples of industry leadership
    • Evidence of social, environmental, and financial business commitments
    • Hero photos that capture the success of the organisation’s relationship with SEN and its members
    • Evidence of successful outcomes for SEN members as a direct result of the partnership with your organisation
    • Examples of any programs or support campaigns provided by your organisation
    • Feedback forms or testimonials
    • Written articles

You can collate supporting documents into one word doc to minimise the number of your uploads.