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Best Newcomer Award

The Best Newcomer Award recognises an individual who demonstrates commitment and the potential for long-term excellence within the tertiary services sector.

This person is recognised as:

  • Making a significant contribution to positive outcomes at their organisation
  • Displaying ongoing genuine support and positive regard for students
  • Demonstrating a strong commitment to their organisation and the improvement of student services
  • A strong advocate for our sector as viewed by their peers and colleagues

Note: Nominations may be submitted by a manager or supervisor with the endorsement of their CEO or General Manager.

Note: This person must have been employed as a current full-time professional staff member of a SEN member institution for more than one year but less than three. 

Nominations will be reviewed, and the winner appointed by the SEN board.

Nominators must provide details of their relationship to the nominee plus a 1500-word brief addressing key questions that defines how the nominee demonstrates commitment and excellence in their role.

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Award Submission Criteria

  • Name of the nominee
  • Role of the nominee 
  • Start date of employment
  • Organisation employed at
  • Full-Time Student Load (Total Student Enrolments)
  • Name and contact details of the nominator
  • Nominator’s relationship to nominee

You will be required to tell us in 1500 words or less why you believe the nominee deserves to receive this award by addressing the questions below: 

  • How long have you, the nominator, known the nominee, and in what capacity?
  • How is the nominee making a significant contribution to positive outcomes at your organisation?
  • How does the nominee display genuine support and positive regard for students?
  • How does the nominee contribute to the success and ideals of your organisation and student services as a whole?
  • What differentiates this individual from others? How does the nominee show commitment, leadership, student advocacy, and employment success in the student services sector as viewed by you, and the nominee’s peers and colleagues?

This section may be used to support your nomination by providing evidence of the nominee’s achievements, it is not a substitute or an additional opportunity for answering the criteria in your submission.

The quality of your supporting documents will be measured against the rubric.

Relevant examples will include documentation that adds value and validation to your nomination may include:

  • A photo of the nominee* (required)
  • Testimonials of the nominee’s positive influence in the workplace from peers, colleagues, students, faculty, etc
  • Images of the nominee participating in activities relevant to the success of their role
  • Examples and evidence of programs or initiatives created and or supported by the nominee, etc
  • Evidence of improvements in key areas of your organisation, that are attributable to the nominee
  • Examples of other awards the nominee has received

This Award category has a rubric that will be used as a scoring guide by the SEN Board against the responses in your submission.

Please note:

  • Submissions that do not provide adequate supporting evidence of the stated claims will be marked as a Basic.
  • In order to be eligible to win Best Newcomer, the nomination will need to achieve a score of at least ….
  • In the event of multiple applications achieving equal scores, the award decision is at the discretion of the SEN Board.

The rubric will be available to download on the submission page of this category.

Click HERE to see an example.